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Much more than assisted living.

Come and discover with us, a new hope to live happy everyday.

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We are passionate about what we do.


Our lovely Customers Say!

"Since our mother has been at Ambrose I do not worry about her anymore. They go above and beyond for her. I can go home and not have to worry about her because I know she's in good hands."

Marry Johnson
Resident Family Member

"This place is a real nice place, they take care of you, they take care of your room for you, they do everything for you. You feel like you're part of the family when you are here."

John Porter

"It is a very unique place, because it is family owned. I have told a lot of people that I really like it here. They treat the residents like their own grandparents."

Judy Brockman
Resident Family Member

"The atmosphere is good. I have a feeling that there’s probably not too many nursing homes that you can look out the window and see wild deer grazing in the yard. Another thing that I like is the costs are half of what they are in nursing homes in the general area. I will continue to stay because I have my own food and my laundry is taken care of, my medication is taken care of and I’m taken care of. Although I’ve probably gotten to the point where I could go back home and stay on my own by myself, but I prefer it here."

Vern Bowling

"I would say that this is a wonderful place to live. You get really good care, you get good food. They don’t bug you about a whole bunch of stuff that some other places, you know, you got to do this for entertainment, you got to do that. They let me do my own thing which is perfect for me. The manger is a wonderful lady, when I came here I had absolutely zero money. I had no clothes other than what was on my back. She went out that same day and bought me clothes so I wouldn’t have to wear the same jeans and shirt everyday. The management has just been wonderful to take care of my kind of special needs here."

Dr. Dale Chapman

You know I tell my friends, if you need a place to stay this is it.

Florine Hobein

About us

Our story

Heart Core is all about helping people live the best lives they can. We want to help you reach your goals, and we want to be there for you when you need us.

We're not just some faceless company—we're real people who care about helping others, and we'd love to get to know you.

What drives our passion at heart core is to help those we serve. We want to make a difference in their lives and give them the tools they need to succeed. We believe that everyone has potential and we want to help them achieve it!


Senior Services

The Heart Core is a low-income senior housing community that provides safe, comfortable housing and daily meals to those in need. We strive to create a community that feels like home by offering social events and activities at our development.

We are proud of our diverse staff and residents who have come together to create a place that fosters growth and wellness for all.

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Mental Health Services

Heart Core is committed to providing the highest quality mental health care services in a safe and supportive environment.

We know that every person is unique, and we tailor our treatment programs to meet each resident's needs. Our continuum of care includes short- and long-term Residential Rehabilitation, as well as psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and individualized treatment plans.

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Ambrose Park

Residential living facility

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Lakeside Manor

Residential care facility

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The Heart Core team is passionate about their work and their company. We are a close-knit group of people with high standards and good values, who enjoy working together in an environment where work and personal lives mix happily. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, low drama and high enthusiasm in our facilities!

Our team consists of individuals who have diverse backgrounds, but share a common goal: to make the world a better place through our products. We believe that when we all work together as one unified team, anything is possible. This makes us unique among our competitors, as we focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients rather than focusing on short-term gains.

We love what we do here at Heart Core because it brings meaning to our lives outside of work as well. Our employees are encouraged to participate in volunteering activities within their communities or charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross; we recognize that giving back makes us all better people inside and out!

If you're interested in joining our team, please reach out today!