The Flickinger's Story

Eric and Sabrena Flickinger have lived in the Kansas City metro area, their whole life. The Flickinger‘s love spending family time with their two sons, Taylor and Beckham, along with their two schnauzers, Kona and Aspen. Eric learned the value of hard work at an early age by watching his father, who was a general manager and then manager of multiple dealerships around Kansas City. His mother was a stay-at-home mom who helped raise both Eric and his brother before returning to the workforce after both boys were out of school. She worked for the prosecuting attorney of Clay County, helping serve the community by fighting crime. With these experiences, Eric learned what dedication and hard work could achieve. He felt the drive to follow in his father's footsteps—and spent 22 years working for several Ford dealerships as he broke sales records month after month and year over year. Eric sought out training in the financial aspects of car sales, and was soon named finance manager.

Sabrena—who had lost her parents at age 14—learned early on that life has many lessons to teach. After graduating from high school, Sabrena went into the dental field and worked in oral surgery for 13 years. Then she decided to go into training with Carestream Dental where she traveled around the nation and globe doing trainings for doctors on 2-D and 3-D imaging. After two years away from her family and only seeing them for short periods, she quit her job at Carestream.

Eric and Sabrena had been working long hours in their current jobs but decided that they too wanted more time with their boys and family. While this discussion was taking place, their loved ones were asking for help. These family members dealt with mental health issues and seniors who wanted to retire but needed a place to live—but could not, until the budget allowed it. As Eric and Sabrena discussed their family members’ needs, they felt inspired to help them find affordable housing. Three months after making that decision—and following a long search—Eric and Sabrena bought their first mental health facility.

The Flickinger's commitment to the elderly and mentally ill goes beyond providing a comfortable environment for residents. They offer personalized attention that makes them feel at home.